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April 2009



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Apr. 1st, 2009

Silver Lining

Silver Lining



He spoke in a way that was incoherent.

Strangely, it felt as though my surroundings were neither in color, nor in monochrome. Neither black, nor white.  It seemed dark, yet I couldn’t quite settle on a correct shade-- or whatever it was. I was never left with enough time to mull over what, or where I was before the figure revealed itself to me.


            Though I visited this place many times throughout my life, it felt distant, and new to me, still. I knew this person who stood before me. This man--I figured--haunted me every night though it was only this night that he opened his mouth and spoke to me.  Shortly after he finished his first statement, he spoke again, and again I couldn’t make out his words. It was as if they were tumbling over each other; coarse then smooth during some intervals-- at least that was what I picked up from reading his lips. The sounds I heard sounded far from what his mouth formed, more like a hushed slurring.


            I couldn’t make out his face just as I never had, though when he finished his second statement it felt as though he was disappointed that I was unable to understand him. I felt a twinge of guilt after realizing that my stupid mind made this person feel bad, and then instinctively, I reached out for the man in my effort to apologize for my lack of knowledge. Abruptly, the scenery changed and the pale, cloaked man had disappeared.


            He had invaded my dreams more than enough for me to notice that he donned a dark cloak, which concealed whatever it was that he hid. Sometimes he would drape the hood of his cloak over his head, nearly covering his eyes. 

He had come to me many times, and though he never had any distinguishing features that I could remember. Just his pale skin, and cloak which he wore every time he visited me. The only differences would be how close or far he was from me, or whether he had his hood on, or not. Usually, it would just be me watching him, and he would watch me back, forcing us to just stand there for what seemed to be eternity, until my dream would yawn in boredom and shift scenes. Other times, I would watch him pace slowly through the dark room. While he walked, I would notice the translucent glow that flowed behind him, especially the bright white his pale skin left behind. It seemed to look like bits of him were being left behind as he walked slowly, in and out of the slow-moving world that was my dream.




            Shifting my attention to where I was now, I realized that I sat atop a hill with tall, soft grass that brushed against me while it danced along with the wind. On lower ground there was nothing, just the long grass that seemed to sway in unison, and a scrawny tree or two. It struck me as odd how the golden grass seemed to flourish, while the

--supposedly--once beautiful, tall trees withered. Maybe there used to be many more trees, but seeing how the remaining ones are now, they probably withered and died long ago.


            My dream was interrupted by the creaking sound my door gave when it was opened slowly, forcing my eyelids open as I shot out of bed and sat upright; ready and waiting for whoever it was that entered. I was always a really light sleeper, and it came in handy plenty of times.



Silver Lining 1



            I jolted from my bed and quickly turned to face my door; sitting upright and ready for whoever it was that entered my room this early in the morning. I didn’t need to look at my clock to know it was early, the dim lighting gave it all away along with the slight chill that usually came along with early-rising.


            “Easy. It’s just me, Ashe.” Jaxx assured, just as he poked his face through my door. Usually, I didn’t see his sly mug until seven-- and it was well before that hour.

            “Jaxx, it’s called knocking” I replied, easing up as I recognized the familiar voice. “You have no idea what kind of hurt I would have brought on you.” I continued, sarcastically before he could speak.


            Jaxx calmly walked inside my room and over to my study table while he spoke. “Yeah, a tiny sixteen-year-old girl would be the death of me.” He replied just as sarcastically, before he added “I can see the headlines now: ‘seventeen-year-old blond gets mauled by crazy brunette’” Jaxx smiled wryly as he swept his arms in the air, making a mockery of someone who’d just had an epiphany.

            ‘I’m not tiny. You’re just huge.’ I thought to myself

I let out a soft scoff as I breathed outwards, when I realized that I’d never grow tired of Jaxx’ witty comments. It was a part of him that was purely dominant in his characteristics, consequently making him who he is; and is one of the reasons why he held the title of my best friend.


            I pulled the right corner of my mouth upwards, forming a sort of ‘tired’ grin as I gestured him to leave the room; which he did with much obedience. It didn’t take a moron to figure out that I needed time to ready myself for school, and Jaxx was certainly no moron.

Hesitantly, I rolled out of bed and made my way to the small bathroom that was only accessible through my room. Groggily, I undressed myself and stepped into the shower where I then spent the next ten minutes of my morning singing a few of my favorite songs while the water helped wake me up. After I dried and clothed myself again, I groaned while I undid the towel that wrapped my hair in an attempt to dry it. My hair never looked pleasing after every shower, and I found it a chore to blow dry it every morning before leaving my house. But my efforts were always in vain, as it always ended up looking like a hippie’s kind of do, with my hair being dark, long and wavy. I shouldn’t be one to complain, though. My hair would be considered ‘tame’ by most people, but it was never really neat enough for my liking. Shortly after drying my hair completely, I was able to make out loud shouting from downstairs.


            “Ashera Card Wyndham!” my mother exclaimed frantically “How long do you plan on making poor Jasper wait down here for you?”

            I laughed a bit when I heard Jaxx’ reply on my behalf as his voice faintly resonated through the corridors of my house. “It’s perfectly alright Mrs. Wyndham. I’m not in a hurry to get to school.”

            I could clearly imagine him smiling as he uttered those words, it was just something he did. I’ve known Jaxx for a little while now, and we’ve become so close that we sometimes end up finishing each others sentences. Sure, it was a little scary. But it just comes natural to us.


            I made my way down the wooden stairs and met up with Jaxx, who was seated on one of the small cushioned stools near the front entrance. Jaxx hunching his back while he had his elbows on his knees to support his head with his fingers interlaced.  He made a sort of pose that sculptors would ask their models to pose, something like they were in deep thought, or simply relaxing. Jasper straightened up when he saw me trod heavily down the last few steps of the stairs, before I joined him by the door. My mother greeted us there, only before talking me off about how I wasn’t supposed to have men wait for me, which I then retaliated with the solid point that it was Jaxx who woke me up early. At a sign of defeat, my mother dismissed the topic and handed my weeks worth of lunch money-- Which was usually that sign that I had best be going.


            We walked out the door of my home, with Jaxx bidding the final goodbye as he assured my mom “Don’t worry Mrs. Wyndham, I’ll make sure Ashe is brought home safely right after school.” He ended with a sincere smile while he shut the door behind him. I had gotten a short head start but it didn’t take long for Jaxx to catch up with me.


            Damn him and his long legs.


            As he heaved a sigh, Jaxx straightened up and pulled on the strap of his black backpack while he walked beside me.

            “It’s still early” I began “now you owe me breakfast”

            Jaxx grinned slightly, before sliding his backpack off his broad shoulder and zipping open one of the outer pockets with his free hand.

            “Already taken care of, milady Ashera.” He stated jokingly as he handed me a bagel that he placed in his bag only a few moments before he left home. I could tell even through the paper bag that held it, the bagel was still warm.


            With a grin of obvious satisfaction, I looked up to him “-and thank you for the lovely sustenance, squire Jasper.” I replied, going along with his medieval role play. He laughed a little, and so did I-- Before I quieted myself and enjoyed my favorite bagel.




            Not soon after we arrived at school did we get bombarded by questions of a few old friends. They usually went along the lines of “How was your summer?” or “How’ve you been?” Which then Jaxx would respond to questions about summer for my behalf as well, only with a simple “It was fine.” Because we both knew that I wouldn’t have said it any differently.

The morning slowly became a little warmer as the sun rose higher into the sky, which pleased me in many ways.  I never really liked the cold, so I’ve been known to be more of a ‘sunny’ person. Rarely did I ever pass up the chance to soak up some sun.

Though it always struck me as odd that I didn’t get dark, no matter how long I stayed out while the sun was bright; or even on those rare trips to the beach. I mean, it’s not like I stayed white. I tanned a bit, and maybe I would turn as red as a lobster and get horrible sun burn, but I never really got as dark as the others. Jaxx would just say that ‘Someone’s trying to tell you that dark skin isn’t your thing.’ which I would then shrug to.


            After the barrage of questions, we miraculously found our way to the familiar main office for our schedules. By some stroke of luck, we caught two of our close friends waiting for their schedules as well.

            “Daniel, Kamille!” Jasper called out as he passed me again; with the annoying power of his long, quick-moving legs.

            In reflex, Daniel and his tall, muscular frame turned to Jasper, which Kamille then mimicked but instead she looked at me in excitement as she hopped over to where I was as I lagged behind Jaxx.

            “Wow, I haven’t seen you in a while Ashe. How were things while I was off in England?” Kamille inquired as she skipped to me; her medium-length red hair bouncing slightly as she did.

            “Same old, just me and Jaxx bumming. Since Daniel went to some summer varsity thing for the soccer team.” I replied as straight to the point as I could; that was pretty much all I did for the summer anyway, no different that the years before.


            Kami opened her mouth to continue our conversation, but stopped as she heard her name being called for by the vice principal’s assistant.  “Miss Kamille Harper?”

            “Oh, right! I’ll talk with you later Ashe, I’ve got some things to sort out.” Kami voiced just before she hesitantly returned to speak with the vice principal in his office.


            I took this time to walk over to Jaxx and Daniel while they were in a very animated discussion about this year’s sports selections. It seemed that Soccer varsity try-outs were open this year, and that they needed hard workers for all the upcoming competitions; this alone had gotten Jasper excited. In fact, I was actually excited for him as well. Jaxx always wanted to be a part of our school’s soccer varsity, but by the time he mustered enough courage to join, they closed their try-out sessions for a whole two years. But now that the previous senior batch is gone, they’re looking for new players to replace them.


            “Isn’t that great, Jaxx? You get to try out this year!” I verbalized cheerily.

            “Yeah, Daniel tells me that the soccer coach mentioned that he’s had an eye for me since that term last year when we took up Soccer.” He grinned, but just a bit.

            I smiled widely, my eyes almost disappearing into slits as I expressed my sincere joy for Jasper’s behalf. The Varsity was always his thing, and the natural reaction would be that I’d be happy for him; which I was. Obviously.


            When I noticed that there were no longer any people at the front desk, I walked over to greet the familiar lady that handed everyone their all-important schedules and dished out much needed information for the new students.


            “Hello charlotte, it’s good to see you again.” I smiled. “Can I have my schedule? and Jasper’s too. He’s a little busy with soccer talk” I continued with a small laugh at the end as I pointed my thumb to Jaxx and that smile on his face while he spoke with Daniel.

            “Why, of course you can Ashe.” The middle-aged woman responded with a smile while she dug out two folders from the stack (Wow, the faculty knew us so well as to put our folders beside each other.)

            “Thank you Charlotte, I’ll be seeing you around!” I exclaimed gleefully just as she handed me the two folders.


            When I returned, I handed Jaxx his schedule which he then opened on the spot; abruptly stopping from his conversation with Daniel. He didn’t mind the sudden shift in attention though, Daniel knew Jaxx too well.


            Jaxx lifted his head from the paper and probed “Do you have Trig for your second period?”

            “Nope, mine’s Literature.” I sighed.

            “--Fourth period History?”

            “Yeah, with Mr. Baker right?”

            “Is that the only subject I have with you?” Jaxx groaned.


            I wrinkled my nose, as I snatched Jasper’s schedule from his hands and held it next to mine for comparison. I couldn’t only have ONE subject with Jaxx, could I? It was unthinkable! Either someone made a lot of typos, or the person in charge must have been in a really foul mood when organizing this.

To my relief, I shared Chemistry and The elective foreign languages class with him. Though my heart sank when our P.E schedules were at different times; we always made a great tag-team. I sighed as I returned Jaxx’ schedule and relayed what I’d discovered.


            “Seriously? History, Chemistry, and the elective subject?” he whined. “It was better last year when we had almost all our subjects together.” Jaxx continued while he frowned.


            The look on his face made me feel worse, so I couldn’t help but give him a hug. My slender arms wrapped around his body and I squeezed as tight as I could (Granted, probably wasn’t all that hard compared to Jasper’s wall of muscle).

            “It’s fine.” I sighed comfortingly “At least we have three subjects and not just one.” I smiled as I looked up at Jaxx with all the happiness I could muster. I smiled wider as Jaxx lightened up and returned the favor with one his bear hugs that were especially for me. --And I say ‘especially for me’ only because he makes sure not to squeeze too tight that I might end up snapping into two; Titanic style.


            “I’d hate to impose on the happy couple, but class is starting in say... ten minutes, and we’ve all got to get a move on.” Daniel interrupted, glancing over at his watch to check exactly how many minutes we had to get to our respective classes.



            Realizing this, I jumped in my place and right before leaving I gave my two boys a group hug.  “See ya later, guys! Play nice!” I wished the both of them a farewell shortly before I darted out the office door to head for my homeroom class.


            The rest of the morning droned on annoyingly, as we were introduced to the teachers who would be teaching our subjects. Teachers I already knew, but they made it a habit of introducing themselves strictly for the benefit of the new students. Everything was such a bore without my bestie to share it with me. No one to pass notes with, or to talk about irrelevant things, or anything to keep my busy during these slow hours.

It was near the end of recess where I spotted Jaxx walking up to me in the hall.


            “Hey, you wanna play hookie till lunch?” Jaxx probed.

            With a exasperated sigh, I answered “Oh god, I thought you’d never ask!” upon hearing the reply he was hoping for, Jaxx smiled widely.


            “Let’s go then, milady”

            “Surely.” I smiled wryly-- again, going along with his medieval role-play idea.

With that, we locked arms and marched towards the small --concealed-- area behind the gym; where we then stayed for the next couple of hours talking until the both of us fell asleep.


            At first, we shared how our mornings went through, how our teachers re-used their introductory speeches, and I even shared the moment where I caught the quarterback --secretly-- pick his nose; obviously failing at it. We shared a few laughs, and got a little tired as the first hour wore us out. Then by the second bell, our jaws were sore. Making a game out of it, we decided on going through a temporary oath of silence until lunch. It didn’t turn out as much of a game, as we both ended up sleeping after only ten minutes of playing. First, it was Jasper who leaned against a tree with his legs spread out into the slightly damp grass. Then I started feeling drowsy shortly after he’d already fallen asleep. Instinctively, I made the most of his tall-genes and leaned my head against his shoulder for a comfy head rest. The last thing I remember was snuggling closer to Jasper’s radiant body heat right before my eyelids closed on me.

Jun. 12th, 2008

Memento Mori

Nyaa~ Hi again friends, this is Episode two: Memento Mori. Hope you enjoy!


"Remember that you are human..."

The walk down the mountain was nothing. Now, the problem was finding a place for Kal to recover. Hope for finding civilization seemed to dwindle with each passing step. Kaz was worn out and about ready to collapse, but he kept telling himself "No.. this isnt the time. You can sleep all you want when you're dead. Kal needs you."  He egged himself on, repeating those lines, and sometimes rephrasing the words.

The worst should have been left behind when they left the snow covered tundra. Now, onto the pressing problem.


This kind of wound needed to be tended by someone who knew their elixirs well. This, Kaz had a problem with. Not only was he new to the whole world of Cursed beasts and sorcery, but he didn't speak a word of the country's language. No matter. He'd find a way to have someone look at Kal.

They made their way trough woodland trees and found a line of autumn-withering trees, seeming to form an arch-like tunnel, as if showing them a path. Kallie was still unconscious, being carried piggy-back by Kaz. Her once strong heart, degraded into one that would even make cardiac arrest patients pity it. Her tough demeanor reduced to a limp corpse. It wasnt a sight one would be proud of.
By intuition alone, Kaz walked down the "hall" of oak trees, hoping there would be a stream or river nearby, so that he could take shelter and camp out for the fast approaching dusk.

The autumn leaves fell slowly, and quietly. Kaz treaded the ground as quietly as he could, thinking he might "disturb" or "awaken" Kallie from her needed slumber.
A muffled twig snapped somewhere nearby. Instinctively, Kaz turned in the direction of the sound, his eyes set ablaze once more. His sensitive ears, listening for any other sound of movement. Using his training to seek out this "being".

This time a loud cracking sound resonated throughout the wood, followed by an "UGHYAAAH!!" Kaz turned and faced the being, his fist already enveloped with a sorching blue flame.

"... Human." He mumbled.

"Ow ow ow" The other moaned, as she got up from the ground.

It appeared to be a native human girl.
She seemed to be younger than Kal was, but only by a year or two. Like the locals, she had straight, light brown hair with a few golden streaks that blended in quite nicely with the multiple shades of light brown and brown, but her hair was cut shorter than the others. Also, she carried dual blades that of which where strapped behind her. The girl wore a hunters garb, a  wrap-around moss green vest with gold fringes, brown archer shorts, and knee-high leather boots.
Common equipment for travelers of this area.

After further examination of the falling human girl, Kaz turned back to his original course and starting walking again.

"H-heeey!! It wouldnt hurt to help a girl up when shes fallen down!" the girl spoke. As expected, a childish voice. Fitting of her appearance.

Kaz looked back at the girl, and gave her a good stare. He then nudged his head, as if pointing at Kal. He said nothing, then turned to face forward and continue his stride.

"Ah.. Sorry about that." the girl stopped.
Kaz heard the rustling of leaves, and the sound of a metal buckle hitting against, what must have been, the girls boots.

"Im Mizu! Pleased to meet your acquaintance Mr. Pyro-man!" The girl exclaimed, holding out her hand for Kaz to shake.

--06/12/08: Domg. I was supposed to write only 1 paragraph, but I ended up putting the first half of my update. haha. Well I hope you guys enjoy. Remember~ Comments are ♥ ^^ Thanks for reading till here.

Jun. 3rd, 2008

Damned be the Demon

HEY GUYS. I think I'll post a one-shot or two. just a couple of short stories of my OCs and other characters~

In this one you'll see Kal, Kaz... aaaand a few other one-timers. I'll try to explain things in a way that you can understand. haha. Im not good in writing. Sooo yeah, bear with me.


"The moon is full tonight."

Blood ran down her face and fell from her jaw to the once, pristine ashen snow.
She had a good, clean blow to the head.

This was it. after long, monotonous weeks of tracking, she'd finally caught up with the foul creature. This SINGLE beast, what caused her many sleepless nights, fatigue, and left her without the option of going back home.

He was there however. It was much easier than it would have been if she'd gone alone. Easier to accomplish the assignment given. Easier to execute the target once spotted.

... Easier to bare the burden.

All of this unimaginable strain, and JUST to awaken their ability. They are both weak. The chase had gone on way too long, What once seemed like simple dexterity, would become slothic, reckless movements. furthermore, the user would often become confused as to how certain charms or sorcery should be cast.

"Kaz.. I cant take it anymore. My clothes are all worn out and filthy." She paused and hunched over, then exhaled something close to a wheeze.
Kal snickered "Heh. it even hurts to breathe." she huffed, straightening herself once more.

"Found your second wind?" Kaz teased.

"Oooh, no. I've given up a long time ago." Kal grinned. "Maybe its time for a single move so we finish this thing now."

"Agreed. I might have to finish this one all by mys--
The loud, shrieking wails of the creature wasn't exactly something you could overlook. The beast was massive, and gave out low, hollow growling. (when it wasnt screaming in pain, that is.) The thing seemed to be near death, with the many cuts, gushing blood, and (did I mention the decapitated arm?)

Kaz looked towards Kallie, she nodded in response then started off in his direction, in preparation for their final blow.

The Hamara screamed once more. Probably because of the pain of its arm and body. It made an attempt to move, but it remained immobile, as it cant carry its own weight properly with only one arm. It lay sprawled on the mountain snow, in a pool of very dark, rubicund liquid.
Swiftly, it jerked its head and shot out crystalline needles at their direction. The shards looked like black diamonds, how they somewhat glittered despite its onyx appearance.

"K-KAL! MOVE! MOOVE!!" he roared, reaching for his partner, who, apparently, hadn't noticed a thing.
Kaz ran and stretched as far as he could. "Ka-

Within an instant she was sent flying. the Icicles were propelled at such a high speed that it literally knocked Kal off her feet and sent her rolling towards the mountain edge.

Kallie's perspective:
It was as if everything was going in slow motion. I couldnt hear anything, like the whole world was put on mute. The snow was falling all the more slower than it actually was in its real-time flurry.
I was looking directly at Kazuo, when his facial expression turned into something I'd never seen before. The clear emotion of worry reflected in his cobalt eyes. His attention left the beast and now he turned to me, stretching out his arm. I saw his mouth moving, but I couldnt hear anything. Not the wind. Not the shrieking. Not his voice..

The wind was blowing from the west, so as I turned my head eastward to face the Hamara once again, my bloodstained hair flew in all sorts of directions and it was hard to make out what exactly was headed towards me.

It was too late for me anyway...

-06/05/08: woo. Fixed some bits, and added a little more. Comments are ♥ dearies. Do leave a message~
I'll be sure to update soon.

Thy sky was a fairly dark indigo. It was a site that would make anyone feel the least bit depressed, hence, even the stars hadn't come out to flaunt their beauty. The remains of the moon were tantamount with the hidden stars. Although it was still shown, it was dull, and mostly concealed by dark clouds.
But, the crescent moon symbolized the coming of a New moon.
The universal symbol of change.

What little light left shown by the passing moon illuminated the frozen mountain peak, as the thick cloud drifted away.  Kazuo was frozen. His arm still stretched out, hoping that his parter would reach for it. This has never happened before. Nothing that would put her in a life threatening situation.
Sure they were exhausted. Sure they've taken in much pain. Sure...
Its not like they've never tracked, and executed a hamara before.

Kaz slowly turned his head to face the motionless being near the edge of the mountain. She lay quiet, her fiery locks dancing with the wind. Her clothes were torn and exposed her scarred back, which shards of the blackened crystal still protruded from.
Kallie's face was turned the other way, looking towards the cliff. It appeared as if she was looking toward the horizon.

"Kal..?" He croaked ... No response.
He let his arm down slowly, returning to his side as he straightened himself.

"Kal c'mon. Get up."  Kaz took a step towards her.

His pupil appeared to have shrunk as his eyes shifted gaze, looking over all the wounds the beast had made. It was as if he went into a stage of heavy paranoia, shaking almost.
She was still bleeding, not much, but enough to be in danger of dying if not treated soon.

"Solette! I said get up!" Kaz hissed "... I thought you said you'd help me finish him."

At this point, he'd become irritated. Why wouldn't his partner get up as he commanded? She was strong. Kazuo knew her better than anyone else, He knew how well she faired in battle, and how much more experienced she has.

He snapped.

Kaz balled his fingers into a tight fist, irritation shown through the obvious shaking.
"DAMN IT KALLIAN!!" He howled as he reached for Kallie and pulled her vest so that she'd face him.
"I TOLD YOU TO GET U- he paused. No.. Stopped.

She was frozen, with both hands clasping the biggest crystal that pierced through her chest, murky-black Blood seeping through her thin, pale lips and chest. She'd become limp, and her complexion had dulled.
The places where the shards penetrated were infected so much that the area around the crystals were a light shade of purple, and would fade from a dark blue, to green, then her translucent skin. It looked past
egregious, beyond any normal Antibiotic could fix. Obviously, these projectiles had been tainted with a poison most foul.

Kaz didn't know what more to do, he just held her close and lowered his head to listen for a heartbeat.
It was hard to have a good listen, since the onyx-colored crystal was near her heart.

It was faint. So faint, he thought that she'd be gone any second. "N-no.. No. NO!" Kaz screamed, holding her body closer to his. His large hands tightened in grip. He closed his eyes, as if he were to cry.
"You're not going anywhere..." He whispered in her ear.

He opened his eyes, but instead of his misty, cobolt eyes, were a pair of fierce grey ones. They seemed to be set ablaze, so much that they looked slirghtly golden.

Kaz set Kallie's body, slowly on the ground, gentle and afraid he'd hurt her more. He rose from the ground, his glare affixed on the recovering Hamara.

"Burn with a flame hotter than the sun.. Feel the fierce fire of Hell..."

He murmured as he raised his hand in the direction of the beast. "Aestuo summons you!" Kaz voiced, then his fist was engulfed in a fiery aura, which drew its power from the center of his palm.
"IGNIS!" He howled

Within an instant the Demon was overpowered by the massive volume of flames. It turned into ash shortly after the sorcery was cast, then it slowly faded back into Bedekken (the Twilight).
With the same serious, fiery gaze, he spoke.

"... Damed be the Demon, who spills the blood of Cruor."

-06/08/08: WOOH~ ohmyy. I wonder, will Kal live through this? *evil laughter* 'Guess you guys just have to find out in my next post! Till then, "Damned be the demon", is finished. I'll post another "episode" of OBLIVION soon. ^^ Ciao~


Apr. 30th, 2008

(no subject)

Doodle turned lineart.

Lineart practice on photoshop. This was a doodle of Flea (one of my OCs, a character for my best friend) as her mini form in my manga, Oblivion (Oblee for short. :3)

So lately Ive been given a few orders in my shop. Stuffs piling up, and bit by bit, Im finishing commissions and earning munnies. =3=
Fwee~ I cant believe I got 3,000 pageviews now. >w< Everything went by so quickly. My next goal is to reach 6,000, then 10,000. so on and so forth. -blahblahblahblahblah-

-depression- Flea's still in the states, (The real one. XD) and Azuya left for Europe today. TT^TT Uwahhh. Everyone's going places.. AND I HAVENT EVEN GONE TO THE BEACH THIS SUMMER!! How sad is that?! Must go to beaachh. -dies- I need to get out of the city at least. Ykno.. TRAVEL.

Apr. 29th, 2008


Hah. Never thought I'd make one of these.

Ah well. what the hell. I'll be posting some doodles here, and most probably a couple of rants. (Followed by doodle-rants, of course.)


Wooo. Hopefully, I'll be getting my PSP slim soon. My bro's almost got enough cash for it, so he said by this coming week, he'll be able to get it. -excited- I really wanna play Crisis Core. .__.

On a side note, I'm currently sketching Sayurisaya's OC couple pic. >w< This might take a while, since I'm experimenting with different coloring styles, tones, lineart etc etc.

THAT aside, I'll continue my rant.
Wee. Azuya over at DA caught my 3k Kiriban. Its funny, since I caught HER 3k Kiriban. XD Welp anyways. I never really was much of a blog person, so I'll keep this one short.

Expect some doodles. Dur.